About Us


In January 2012 we launched the Water Industry Forum (WIF) as the only neutral, stakeholder forum and information hub for the UK water sector.

WIF is an independent not-for-profit company limited by guarantee and based in West Yorkshire.  

Why did we launch WIF in the first place?

The UK water sector faces a range of major challenges:

  • increasing demand for water from population growth, living standards & food production
  • increasing numbers of ageing assets requiring significant investment
  • the effects of climate change with “too little” or “too much” rainfall
  • the need to become more sustainable and to protect the environment.

We believe that there is a major inhibitor to the UK water sector’s ability to tackle these challenges - a general lack of collaboration across a sector where a majority of stakeholders are currently operating in “silos”. 

We therefore concluded that a “UK water sector stakeholder forum” was required which brought the various stakeholders together around these challenges and which facilitated the actions required to meet these challenges.

WIF - the UK water sector's stakeholder forum

In January 2012 we set out WIF's role as:

  • building and managing an extensive network of UK stakeholder organisations
  • providing a neutral platform for determining the action required to meet the challenges
  • encouraging action through workshops & collaborative projects
  • creating opportunities for the development and implementation of innovative solutions
  • providing a “one stop shop” for all the information needs of the sector.


In order to do this, we felt that it was important that the forum was seen to be neutral, independent and not-for-profit.

Since November 2011 we have operated under a membership model from which we derive our primary income.

Membership of the forum is growing rapidly and currently comprises around 400 suppliers, research organisations, asset owners, regulators and other industry stakeholders.  


Our membership categories 

Senior Partner     

For UK water companies & other senior UK water industry stakeholders (by invitation only).

Industry Partner               

For UK tier 1 suppliers and other key water industry stakeholders (by invitation only).

Industry Associate

For UK water sector regulators and water related not-for-profit organisations (by invitation only).

Full Member               

Open to all stakeholder organisations with significant activity in the UK water sector (subject to eligibility).

Associate Member (free)                 

Open to all stakeholder organisations with significant activity in the UK water sector (subject to eligibility).

Please note that membership is currently open to UK based organisations only.   

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