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Appointed water and sewerage company provides water and sewerage services.


Water that has been used in homes, industries and businesses that is not for reuse unless it is treated.

Wastewater infrastructure

The plan or network for the collection, treatment, and disposal of sewage in a community.

Water (Treatment) Works (WTW)

Works which treat raw water to produce potable water for public supply.

Water Framework Directive (WFD)

European directive requiring management of the water cycle through river basin management. The WFD requires all inland and coastal waters to reach ‘good chemical and ecological status’ for surface waters and ‘good status’ for groundwater in terms of quality and quantity by 2015.

Water Resource Management Plan (WRMP)

A plan by a water company to ensure sustainable water supplies over the next 25 years. WRMPs are based on predictions of how much water will be needed to meet customer demand set against forecasts of water available for use. In areas where demand is expected to be greater than supply, plans indicate essential changes needed to maintain a secure water supply.

Water Resource Zone (WRZ)

The largest possible zone in which all water resources can be shared. All consumers within a WRZ experience the same risk of supply failure from a resource shortfall.

Water supply system

The collection, treatment, storage, and distribution of water from source to consumer.

Water table

The surface of groundwater in the soil.

Water treatment

The process of converting raw untreated water to a public water supply safe for human consumption; can involve, variously, screening, initial disinfection, clarification, filtration, pH correction and final disinfection.


WaterSure is the common name given to the special tariff associated with the Vulnerable Groups Scheme in England and Wales. It is intended to help customers who pay for their water charges via a water meter and experience difficulties as a result of high water usage or low income.


A spill over device used to measure or control water flows.


A deep hole with the purpose to reach underground water supplies.


Waste Water Treatment Works.

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