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ARUP design for Bradford City Park Mirror Pool

Arup, in collaboration with Gillespies Landscape Architects and the Fountains Workshop, developed the detailed design of the 3600m2 ‘Mirror Pool’, which lies at the heart of Bradford’s City Park.

Surface water captured within the Mirror Pool is drained back to the main storage tank which replaces water lost from the system by natural losses (evaporation) and filter backwashing from the treatment plant. Rainwater supplements the water supply from a mix of potable water and ground water. Water is recycled by a small treatment plant to maintain a minimum water quality standard.

The construction of the new development enabled the surface water to be collected and drained to a new network which discharges to a culverted watercourse on the site boundary. Prior to the construction of the park, water drained directly to the combined sewerage network that was operating at capacity. The new surface water drainage system creates additional capacity within the combined sewerage network. The peak discharge rate of surface water off-site was limited by hydro-brakes, which utilise the available storage capacity within the new drainage network. Further reductions were achieved by improving the amount of green space around the periphery of the site.

Arup are a member of the Water Industry Forum. For more details on Arup including contact details, please click here.

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