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ARUP Global Water Annual Review 2016-17

The 2016/17 Global Water Annual Review provides an overview of Arup’s water business activities over the past year and features examples of our work across the water cycle. The force of a changing climate has made its presence felt all over the world this past year, with widespread flooding on the one hand and severe droughts on the other.

Key features

In this year’s review we share information on climate issues and focus on events and projects Arup has been involved with, many of which are about sustainable solutions to topical problems.

We endeavour to add value to our work and consider the communities our projects affect. This is so important to us that it forms an integral part of our 10-year business plan – to have a positive social impact on 500 million people. This year our project work has positively impacted 294 million people, bringing us over halfway to our 10-year target in only three years.

Download the full review here

Mark Fletcher, Global Water Business Leader at Arup, "I am delighted to present our Global Water Review for 2016/17 following my recent trip to Rome and involvement in the WATERSHED initiative. Pope Francis is helping to inspire a global conversation, helping to shift how the world values and understands water – our most precious resource.

The focus on too much or too little water reflects the way our advisory services and major projects are evolving.

I hope you enjoy the variety of projects and initiatives we have included in this year’s review. We have a great team.

I am very proud to lead them and have the chance to share our work from across the world."

Arup are a member of the Water Industry Forum. For more details on Arup including contact details, please click here.

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