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ARUP upgrade of Loftsome Bridge water treatment works for Yorkshire Water


Loftsome Bridge is a key treatment site in the Yorkshire Water Services (YWS) supply network. Due to deteriorating water quality, there was a need to upgrade the works to provide process improvements.

As technical consultant, Arup provided full project management services from feasibility through to contract administration.

  • Upgrade of existing works to provide improved water quality.
  • Wind turbines for renewable energy, the first on any water treatment works in the UK.
  • Innovative procurement model that would be applied to later schemes.

Treatment works upgrades

The developments to the water treatment works comprised new dissolved air flotation, secondary ozonation and granular activated carbon plants and new sludge handling facilities housed in the redundant slow sand filter building. This ensured best use of existing assets and minimised write-off values.

Green energy

To reduce running costs and promote the use of renewable energy, two 1.3MW wind turbines with 30m blades were installed.

The wind turbines are the first embedded turbines on any water treatment works in the UK. This feature, combined with the reuse of existing assets, illustrates how a project can be approached sustainably whilst reducing costs.

Procurement model

Due to the timescale for delivery, a traditional procurement route was not considered feasible. Arup was involved in the development of a procurement model that would be applied to later schemes.

One significant feature of the model is early contractor involvement in the decision-making process, including attendance at risk and value workshops.

This process provided significant benefits, ensuring contractor buy-in, giving all tender applicants early knowledge of project constraints and allowing the tender period to be condensed.

The project is a prime example of how a large scheme can be innovatively and successfully delivered on time and within budget, despite significant programme constraints. Loftsome Bridge was commended in the ICE Yorkshire and Humber Awards 2009.

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