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TWENTY 65 - Mobilising Publics Survey

The Mobilising Publics theme of TWENTY65 has launched a survey to map the nature and extent of public engagement activities led by water organisations across the UK water sector. We now need your help to add your project to the survey or by forwarding this email to colleagues and external partners who are involved in public engagement initiatives.

We call these initiatives ‘mobilisations’ which means working with a group of the public to encourage them to act differently or change their practices with a view to making a ‘better’ water system.  For example, you might be encouraging people to use less water, harvest rainwater, organising volunteers to report on riverine pollution incidents, or supporting farmers to reduce the risk of pesticide contamination of a river or groundwater. 
More information about the survey, what it is for and how the information that you add will be used can be found by following the link above which takes you to the survey page.
The survey aims to map mobilisation schemes across the UK water sector, wherever they come from.  We want to explore their nature and extent, and to identify the benefits they provide in terms of a more efficient and less environmentally harmful water service.  This research is important because, while there is often widespread understanding of technical initiatives, evaluations of activities involving the public are not as frequently shared, making it hard to learn across organisations or functions.
The main purpose of the survey is to populate a database to:
1) gain a better understanding of how mobilisation happens across the UK water sector;
2) provide opportunities for learning related to mobilisation across projects and organisations; and 3) expose and celebrate the great work that is already happening in terms of water organisations working with citizens/consumers water related challenges.

The deadline to complete this survey is Friday 24 May 2019.

If you do have any questions or want more information about the survey and research please contact Emma Westling at or Liz Sharp at

University of Sheffield are a member of the Water Industry Forum. For more details on University of Sheffield including contact details, please click here.

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