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N G Bailey award for safe water system

A team of apprentice engineers from N G Bailey are involved in a project that will deliver a safe water system to a health clinic in Mozambique.

The team, led by technical programme manager Lee Firth, includes design engineer Kayley Lockhead and project engineer Shane Trevitt.

Lee and his team were approached by a UK doctor, Peg Cumberland, who was working in the village of Cobue in Mozambique, where the drinking water was being sourced from a nearby polluted and shrinking lake.

The team designed a rainwater harvesting system, water storage and two wells with hand-pumps that together would provide the health centre with clean, safe drinking water.

The first well was paid for by NG Bailey's own charitable fund, whilst the second was funded by a £12k grant from the BPEC Charity Life Award.

Rather than installing a submersible pump, the design involved fitting hand pumps to both wells. The hand pumps were not only cheaper to source but also easier to install and maintain. The rainwater harvesting system will utilise the water collected via guttering on two of the health clinic buildings.

Representatives from WaterAid surveyed the area and produced a comprehensive report, which was shared with Lee and the team. The survey supported the team's decision to source the hand pumps locally and the wells have now been dug out by villagers in Cobue. Following completion of this work, the N G Bailey team will arrive in Mozambique in 2014 to assist with the construction and installation of the hand pumps and the rainwater harvesting system.

NG Bailey are a member of the Water Industry Forum. For more details on NG Bailey including contact details, please click here.

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