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NWG Innovation Festival is back for 2020 and this time it’s digital.

Innovation Festival 2020     14 – 17 September 

Innovation Festival is back for 2020 and this time it’s digital.


Topics for 2020 include:


Sprint is an abbreviation for 'Design Sprint' which is a structured process for moving from a significant problem / challenge to a tested prototype solution in 5 stages. The Sprint originally developed at Google Ventures (by Jake Knapp) and typically runs over 4 – 5 days, although there are many variations based on available timescales.

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Daily Dash

A NWG term for a rapid sprint-style workshop that runs through all 5 stages in just 1 day.

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Refers to a Hackathon – a sprint like workshop in which data experts, programmers and others involved in software development , including graphic designers, domain experts, and others come together to tackle a significant problem or challenge.

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Years Worth of Work in a Week

A NWG term that describes a sprint-style workshop that focuses on accelerating delivery of an idea or initiative identified previously.

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