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Wet Networks Event - River Water Quality & Wild Swimming - 30 Jun 2021

Introducing Wet Networks

Wet Networks is run in partnership with Arup and a platform for that will allow water technology companies to share ideas and business relationship opportunities with leading users, entrepreneurs, vendors, advisors and funders.

About this event

Our event theme for June will be Rivers water quality & Wild Swimming, looking at the role technology has to help clean up our rivers, lakes, streams, making them more attractive for leisure including wild swimming.

There will be an opportunity to liaise with the presenting companies and network after the event for 30 mins by logging into one of the presenter breakout rooms.


5.00 pm | Chair Introduction

5.10 pm | Keynote: Richard Aylard , Thames Water

5.35 pm | Technology presentations from tech companies'

  1. Pollution Prevention Reduction, Brett Davis, Arup
  2. Redesigning the CSO for the 21st Century – the WRcCSO, Peter Henley, WRc
  3. AquaBox - Kevin Barcaley

6.50 pm | Chair's closing review

7.00 pm | Networking - Virtual Rooms

7:30 pm | Close


Arup are a member of the Water Industry Forum. For more details on Arup including contact details, please click here.

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