Anaerobic Digestion in the UK – is there life beyond fiscal incentives?

Date: 28th March 2019

Location: Leeds

Renewable energy subsidies have been essential to the recent expansion in the UK’s Anaerobic Digestion sector. Data from the trade body ADBA show a five-fold increase in facilities over the past decade – particularly for farm and commercial facilities. These have been supported by the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) and (more recently) the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), with both schemes guaranteeing support for twenty years.

These data also show the steady base of AD plants devoted to sewage sludge processing as part of wastewater treatment. Such facilities are largely supported by the Renewables Obligation, and for the earliest beneficiaries this will end in the next five years.

With levels of FIT support deemed insufficient to support new facilities, RHI closing to new entrants in 2020, the RO closed to new applicants (and approaching the end for the earliest beneficiaries) – this one day conference aims to address the question: What does this mean for AD in the UK?

Key themes and outline programme

  • Is there such a thing as subsidy-free AD?
  • Will carbon-focussed incentives become a reality?
  • Will existing (sewage) AD plants be decommissioned?
  • Are there other options for generating value from digestion assets?

The following speakers have been invited to take part in this conference:

  • Richard Barker (Iona Capital) to share thoughts on financing and the investment landscape
  • Kiara Zennaro (REA) to share thoughts on the changing subsidy landscape
  • Paul Fountain (Thames Water) to share the water company perspective

Do you have something to say on this topic?

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