Environmental Net Gain: Measurement, Delivery and Application

Date: 30th October 2018

Location: 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5AH

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm

The first action in Government’s long awaited 25 Year Environment Plan is to embed the environmental net gain (ENG) principle throughout the planning system to achieve measurable environmental improvements alongside ambitious targets in housebuilding and infrastructure development.

Furthering current aims in the planning system to achieve biodiversity net gains, ENG will aim to enable authorities to implement locally tailored strategies to deliver wider environmental benefits, from reduced flood risk to improved air quality. However, significant concerns have been raised concerning how this approach may operate in practice, with environmental goods at risk of being inaccurately measured and traded, allowing it to become a ‘pay to pollute’ scheme.

This interdisciplinary event will bring together academics, social scientists and environmental practitioners to discuss current practice of biodiversity net gain and how this could be transformed into environmental net gain including discussion on the metrics that could be used to measure it, how these could be enforced, its practical application on a variety of scales and its potential as a mechanism to encourage private sector investment in green infrastructure.


Keynote Speaker: Marie Southgate, Deputy Director - Land Use Policy, Natural Environment Directorate, Defra | Nick White, Natural England | Alison Smith, Researcher Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University | Charlie Russ, Principal Environmental Consultant - Environmental Economics, Policy and Appraisal, AECOM | David Hill, Chairman, Environment Bank | Karen Ellis, Director of Sustainable Economy, WWF | Louise Martland, Conservation Director, Environment Back | Sarah Jane Scott, Environment Agency | Jenny Merriman, Natural Capital Technical Lead, WSP | Owen Jenkins, Director, CIRIA | Julia Baker, Biodiversity Technical Specialist, Balfour Beatty | Further speakers to be announced soon!




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