GE Instrumentation & Monitoring Conference 2016

Date: 15th - 16th March 2016

Location: Inmarsat, London

Are you a client or contractor procuring the monitoring work? A consultant writing the spec?  A manufacturer, supplier or installer of the instrumentation?

Whatever part you play, Instrumentation and Monitoring 2016  is your opportunity to gain insight, best practice and knowledge from industry leaders and ensure that emerging technology and innovative strategies are at the heart of how you deliver monitoring on projects and assets.  

Join us to discover answers to the most pressing questions in the industry:

  • What lessons should be taken from Crossrail in the monitoring regime used on future tunnelling projects?
  • To what extent are emerging technologies changing the knowledge we have of asset and structural behaviours?
  • What role does monitoring have in asset management and will it become more wide spread in the future?
  •  Has data collation caught up with the accuracy of collection and what further advances are needed to deal with big data?

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