Global A.I. & Data Usage Innovation Congress 2021

Date: 27th - 28th April 2021

Location: Online

Delivering A Clear Vision On The Potential Of Machine Learning & A.I. To Create Intelligent & Automated Water Networks

The application of artificial intelligence in the water industry is relatively new and the industry is now looking to apply these innovations to drive more intelligent decision making in areas including improving demand forecasting, managing demand spikes, monitoring pressure and reducing leakage, whilst cutting operational cost.

The case studies featured in this virtual business conference will show you the practical steps you need to take to start exploiting your data for machine learning and A.I. to take your digital innovation and water network decision making to the next level.

The Successful Implementation Of Digital Innovation Across The Network

>> To what extent can the latest A.I. and machine-learning applications improve your ability to analyse data?

>> How do you overcome the challenges and risks of implementing digital innovation across the network?

>> What are the digital innovation success stories and pathways to delivering an intelligent water network?

>> How can you better execute your data analytics to reduce leakage and network disruption?

Demonstrating The Value Of A.I. & Machine Learning Applications And Showing The Practical Steps To Implementing Successful Projects

DAY ONE: Demonstrating Benefits & Building Confidence In Rolling Out The Latest A.I. Applications Real Practical Examples On How To Improve The Execution Of Your Data Usage Initiatives

DAY TWO: Implementing Digital Innovation To Improve The Quality Of Data Analysis For Network Monitoring Proactively Manage The Water Network By Anticipating & Mitigating Network Risks & Disruption

>>A Fully-Interactive Experience Over Two Seperately-Bookable Days<<
Active Networking Across All 3 Days
  • Book meetings with leading water utility companies
  • Extended Q&A Sessions with the top experts
  • Networking Lounges & Exhibition Areas
  • Two FULL days to network and make valuable new contacts
  • Participate in Breakout Interactive Classrooms
  • Contribute up your solutions to conference chair for discussion
Breakout Interactive Classrooms
  • Register now to book your seat at our brand new Breakout Interactive Classrooms
  • Benchmark best practice and share solutions to the most pressing data utilisation challenges
Curated Technology Showcase Interviews
  • Exclusive insights into the new digital innovation technologies being developed for water supply networks
  • What are the technologies you need to know about?
  • Question leading industry figures on how they are confronting your most pressing challenges


Doug Spencer

Head of Smart Metering

Anglian Water

Sean McCarthy

Head of Leakage

Anglian Water

Samantha Vince

Head of Water Quality

Bristol Water

Frank van der Kleij

Head of Asset Risk & Planning

Bristol Water

Morgan McCarthy

Head of Data Analytics

Southern Water

Ruben Miguel Perena

Head of Innovation

Canal de Isabel II

Chris Gilbert 

Network Optimisation Manager

Severn Trent 

Francisco Javier Fernandez Delgado

Deputy Director

Canal de Isabel II


Head of Technical Planning

Maynilad Water Services



Discover Real-World Digital Innovation Success Stories


  • Making Good Use Of Data For A.I. & Machine Learning Applications
  • The Capabilities Of A.I. And Machine-Learning To Meet Demand Spikes
  • Implementing Machine-Learning To Analyse & Predict Customer Behaviour
  • Ensuring Accurate, Reliable Data At The Metering Stage
  • Transforming Metering Data To Accurately Predict & Manage Demand
  • Demand Data Utilisation To Intelligently Divert Water Resources
  • A.I. For Calibrating Hydraulic Model Parameters To Detect Abnormal Behaviour
  • Improving The Accuracy & Application Of Data Driven Intelligence
  • Better Utilise Sensor Data To Predict Potential Failures
  • Digital Twins To Predict Future Performance & Identify Future Failures
  • Communicate Data Analytics & Information To Frontline Technicians


  • A.I. & Machine-Learning To More Accurately Detect & Pinpoint Bursts
  • Identify Risks & Predict Future Leaks On The Network To Help Prevent Bursts
  • Improving The Quality Of Flow Monitoring To Identify Abnormal Flow Patterns
  • Delivering More Reliable & Accurate Data To Drive Down Water Loss
  • Maximise Data To Pressure Manage The Entire Network
  • Utilise Algorithms & A.I To Regulate & Adjust Pressure In Real-Time
  • Analytic Tools & Technologies To Improve The Execution Of Pressure Data
  • Utilising Data From Smart Sensors For Water Quality Management
  • Implementing A.I For Enhanced Asset Condition Monitoring
  • Further Streamline Logistical Processes & Overcome Network Disruption



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