HVN Combatting Legionella Conference 2016

Date: 22nd - 23rd September 2016

Location: Villa Park, Birmingham

Whether you’re duty holder in public or private sectors, managing and controlling waterborne bacteria is a huge, costly and complicated challenge for you.
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40th anniversary of Legionnaires’ disease: The best advice on how to tackle sector-specific water hygiene challenges

2016 conference in numbers:
40th anniversary of Legionnaires’ disease
25th anniversary of ACoP L8
13th annual conference & exhibition
2 content-packed days
25+ knowledgeable speakers
200+ global experts in attendance
1 new awards programme
4 awards categories & lucky winners

What is Combating Legionella & Water Treatment?

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Legionnaires’ disease. Back in July 1976 the first recognised outbreak of Legionnaires’ occurred among people attending a convention of the American Legion at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, where 234 people became ill and 34 died. Caused by a cooling tower for the hotel’s air conditioning system, the outbreak triggered decades of scientific research, new regulation and standards, practical advancement and information exchange.

For the past 13 years international conference ‘Combating Legionella & Water Treatment’ has been connecting the leading thinkers and practitioners with the duty holders, building managers, engineers and water specialists to help them prevent Legionella, Pseudomonas and other waterborne bacteria and comply with water safety regulation.

40 years on, HVAC and water systems remain the major factors of deadly waterborne bacteria spread. If you are responsible for the operation of HVAC and/or water system it is imperative you know how to comply with the law.   

Brought to you by H&V News, the leading media brand for the building services industry, the comprehensive and cutting-edge conference provides essential updates on regulation and litigation best practice and debates the challenges facing risk assessments and compliance in the UK and rest of the world. Join us in 2016 to unlock the sector-specific challenges and how to tackle them across councils, education estates, hospitals, residential and many others.  

This year we have launched the H&V News Combating Legionella and Water Treatment Awards to bring to the fore the unsung heroes of the water hygiene industry and shed some light on some of the most innovative and successful projects on Legionella, Pseudomonas and other waterborne bacteria prevention, control and treatment. Awards ceremony will be held after the first day of the Combating Legionella and Water Treatment conference, and will be followed by a drinks reception at Villa Park.

Key themes in 2016

  • Essential update on ACoP L8 and HSG274
  • Even balance of science and practical issues to help you find solutions to your on-site legionella problems
  • Prevention and control of waterborne disease in ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Major challenges that councils, hospitals, educational and residential estates face and how they tackle them
  • Contractors' responsibility and prosecution
  • Latest developments in water testing and treatment
  • Working groups with your peers responsible for water management in public and private facilities, regulators, enforcers and key experts
  • Awards ceremony to celebrate the best projects and professionals in the industry

2016 speakers

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  Elise Maynard

Elise Maynard


Water Management Society

  Ian  E Kershaw

Ian E Kershaw

Legionella Team Leader, Building Design & Construction

Hartlepool Borough Council

  Lorraine Medcalf

Lorraine Medcalf

Senior Policy Advisor – COSHH and Chemical Carcinogens Unit

Health and Safety Executive

  Greg  Davies

Greg Davies

Head of Service Development

Assurity Consulting

  Julie Spinks

Julie Spinks

Managing Director


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