Innovations in Wastewater Treatment

Date: 22nd March 2016

Location: Leeds University Business School

Over the past decade it has been apparent that the UK Water Industry can make a major contribution to the Government aims of a Circular Economy in which materials from wastes are returned to other productive parts of the economy, thus reducing the amount of waste for ultimate disposal.  This has led to a significant research initiative to identify potential resources available for recovery from wastewaters. 

It has long been recognised that the potential energy in domestic wastewater is in excess of the energy required for its full treatment and thus energy recovery was one of the first technologies to be adopted on a wide scale in the UK.  The success of this approach has meant that energy neutral wastewater treatment will be a real possibility within the next two decades.  Again a significant research initiative is underway to develop lower cost technologies that can be applied at smaller facilities.

It is the aim of this event to

  • Examine those technologies that have recently emerged and been successfully applied for resource recovery at a commercial scale. 
  • Learn how these technologies have been applied and the benefits they bring, what makes a successful research project and how the impact of such projects can be optimized. 
  • Look at the future and examine other potential resources that might be recovered economically and consider the best approaches to ensure the commercial success of any research initiatives investigating such routes.

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Speakers include:

  • Mike Norton, Marsh Industries, UK
  • Santiago Ruiz-Pacheco, University of Southampton, UK
  • Jonathan Lee, Hycura, Canada
  • Alex Hol and Luchen Luning, Sustec Consulting and Contracting, The Netherlands
  • Naiara Foncesa, Cranfield University/Thames Water, UK
  • Laura Pastor and Sofia Grau Gonzalez, DAM Depuración de Aguas del Mediterráneo, Spain
  • Philip Morgan, Power and Water, UK
  • Kee Roest, KWR Watercycle Research Institute, The Netherlands

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**Innovations in Pond Technology for Achieving Sustainable Wastewater Treatment **
22 March, Leeds University Business School, UK

11th IWA Specialist Group Conference in Wastewater Pond Technology

This conference is one of the most important events gathering researchers and practitioners around the world, who work on the integration of pond technology to a number of other wastewater treatment technologies.

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