Leakage (Webinar)

Date: 1st April 2020

Location: Webinar


Leakage reduction is a key part of all the UK water companies PR19 submissions. Ambitious targets have been set. Leakage continues to be a global challenge to the water industry. Water companies are focussed on managing leakage to levels that are acceptable to customers and justifiable on economic grounds. The industry is also concerned about the long term resilience of water supply, and see the need for lower levels of leakage to improve resilience.

Therefore, there is a need for reliable and accurate measurement of leakage in the distribution system; from the point of abstraction, through the treatment process, and up to the customers’ stop tap. Improved measurements are needed in terms of quantifying leakage in different areas, accurately pinpointing leakage in the network, and prioritising leakage repairs.
The workshop will explore how many types of sensors, not just flow and acoustic loggers, but also water quality and pressure transient measurement systems and data analytics play an important part in managing and reducing leakage. This workshop will bring together water companies, researchers and the supply chain to explore how new technologies and systems can help to reduce leakage and save water.

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