Measurements in challenging applications in the water industry

Date: 4th March 2020

Location: Endress & Hauser Offices, Manchester

Data from on-line instrumentation is increasingly being used for process optimisation and control and for monitoring compliance critical operations. Such instrumentation is therefore becoming fundamental for managing risk, maximising efficiency and providing the wider business with reliable and trusted information. It follows that proper installation, maintenance and operation is essential.

Although the quality and reliability of instrumentation has improved significantly over recent decades there remain applications which are operationally challenging; for example: measurements in crude sewage at STWs; clarified turbidity and intake ammonia at WTW’s. In many cases the challenge arises because of inappropriate technology selection, poor installation and/or insufficient maintenance. Selection may have been based on purchase price and inflexible asset standards; maintenance represents an additional operational cost that can be squeezed.

To contest this view, this workshop will present case study examples where new thinking has delivered solution and proven best practice for instrumentation use in challenging applications. Those attending the workshop will see real examples of the benefits achieved from effective instrumentation, which can be gained across the wider water company business, and justify an alternative to a ‘one solution fits all’ instrumentation approach.

In short, this workshop will cover topical issues including:

  • Low cost sewer network monitoring.
  • Reliable and robust CSO monitoring.
  • Quality measurements in crude sewage.
  • On-line wastewater BOD measurement.

Call for papers: Abstracts are invited from all academic groups, companies and research organisations. Please send an abstract (<100 words) to Deadline for papers is 13 December 2019

This Workshop is aimed at:

  • ICA specialists and engineers
  • Operational Technology teams
  • Optimisation teams
  • Procurement specialists wishing to improve their understanding of instrumentation
  • Innovation teams
  • Contractors and consultants wishing to better understand the challenges and available solutions.
  • ICA apprentices and graduates who want to learn what is happening in other companies and add to their knowledge.

£95 inc VAT for SWIG members;  £171 inc VAT for non-members; £22 for students.Literature may be distributed for a fee of £71 and a limited number of table top displays are available at £136 each.

Booking: Please use our online booking form. Alternatively contact to book directly or if you wish to book a table top display.


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