Planning for Water - Twenty65 Thought Leadership Club Workshop

Date: 23rd January 2018

Location: Workroom 1, Broad Lane Building, E Floor, University of Sheffield, S1 3JD

Who is this Thought Leadership Club for?

This meeting involves a partnership between the Town and Country Planning Association’s Raynsford Review of Planning, TWENTY65 and BEGIN to bring an opportunity for stakeholders concerned about water management to contribute to the Raynsford Review 2018.

Stakeholders with an interest in how water is managed seeking to explore:

  • How the current land use planning system support / hinder good water management at present?
  • If future land-use planning is to support sustainable water management, what powers would it have and how would it work?
  • All those interested in the built environment.

What is this Meeting about?                                                                  

Flood Risk Management Plans, Water Resource Management Plans and River Basin Management Plans provide a plethora of processes through which organisations plan how to manage water.  But water cannot be managed in isolation from the land and properties it flows across, over and through.  How could or should land use planning help deliver better and more sustainable water systems?

Join us to:

  • Contribute your perspectives and opinions on the effects of heavily deregulated planning and how we can deliver better placemaking.
  • Be part of the collaboration informing the Raynsford Review 2018, ensuring the evaluations of the UK water sector are included, informing the next 50 years and beyond.
  • Network with academics, supply chain companies, policy makers, water companies, and trade associations

Identify further opportunities to get involved in the TWENTY65 research consortium and its activities

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