SWIG - Innovation Brokerage Workshop

Date: 22nd November 2017

Location: Exhibition & Conference Centre, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY


There is a wealth of new technology and innovation being developed in UK universities which often translates into the development of new products in industry.  Successful translation and exploitation of academic research depends on recognising potential and forming necessary collaborations.  This SWIG Innovation workshop is designed to bring together academic research groups and interested companies to identify potential technologies, collaboration, and exploitation opportunities in the area of sensor technologies developed for use in water.

The need for new sensor technologies for water is often driven by legislation and the need for regular measurements at lower concentrations, or the need for more rapid or more reliable measurements made at remote sensing sites.  This encompasses a wide range of technologies that are used for measuring physical, chemical or biological parameters in or of water.  For examples sensors that measure water pressure, height or chemical and biosensors for measuring dissolved components, pollutants or microorganisms.  How remote sensors and sensor networks communicate reliably and securely, energy harvesting and data management are other important technology areas that form part of a modern water sensing system.”
Call for papers: Universities and companies are invited to promote their research and technologies and submit a paper for presentation at the above workshop.  Instrument manufacturers ​and end users are also invited to submit a paper to outline their needs to the R&D community.​ Please send an abstract (100 words max) to rosa.richards@swig.org.uk by the 31st July 2017.

Chaired by: Chris Jones, R&D Manager, Northumbrian Water Ltd

Programme: TBC

Prices: £89.00 inc VAT for SWIG members.  £161 inc VAT for non-members. NEW LOWER RATE £20 for students. Literature may be distributed for a fee of £67 and a limited number of table top displays are available at £128 each.

Booking: Please use the SWIG online booking form to register (which includes an option for online payment), or contact rosa.richards@swig.org.uk

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