SWIG - Leakage Workshop

Date: 24th May 2017

Location: NEL, Glasgow


Leakage of water from the distribution network continues to challenge the water industry. Water companies are focussed on managing leakage to levels that are acceptable to customers and justifiable on economic grounds. The industry is also concerned about the long term resilience of water supply, and see the need for lower levels of leakage to improve resilience. At the same time, many water companies have incentivised targets to reduce leakage further.

Therefore, there is a need for reliable and accurate measurement of leakage in the distribution system; from the point of abstraction, through the treatment process, and up to the customers’ stop tap. Improved measurements are needed in terms of quantifying leakage in different areas, accurately pinpointing leakage in the network, and prioritising leakage repairs.

Sensors, measurement systems and data analytics play an important part in managing and reducing leakage. This workshop will bring together water companies, researchers and the supply chain to explore how new technologies and systems can help to reduce leakage and save water.

Chaired by: Dene Marshallsay, Artesia Consulting

Programme: Draft final agenda

Including an optional tour of the NEL flow testing facilities – places are limited so please book a place on registration for this event to avoid disappointment!

Location: NEL, Scottish Enterprise Technology Park, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G75 0QF

Prices: £89.00 inc VAT for SWIG members.  £161 inc VAT for non-members. NEW LOWER RATE £20 for students. Literature may be distributed for a fee of £67 and a limited number of table top displays are available at £128 each.

Booking: Please use the SWIG online booking form to register (which includes an option for online payment), or contact rosa.richards@swig.org.uk

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