SWIG - Low cost sensors workshop

Date: 5th July 2017

Location: University of Southampton


The increasing interest in the Internet of things and the drive for ‘sensors everywhere’ has resulted in an increased requirement for low cost sensors. This is beginning to become a reality partly due to increased global competition in the sensor supply market. Although sensor cost reductions in the water and environmental monitoring sector has been achieved in recent years, it is debateable as to whether this has been significant enough to impact on numbers of sensors fitted or deployed.

This SWIG Low Cost Sensor workshop will address where the Water Utility and Environmental Monitoring sectors currently stand in use of low cost sensors, and will provide some case studies demonstrating how water and catchment management have benefited so far from advances in this area. Examples from other industry sectors will also be presented to provide an insight into benefits gained within these sectors, and inform on how these can be translated into water monitoring requirements. Within this theme, the workshop will also include presentations from academics working on novel inexpensive sensors to provide some foresight into sensor systems for the (near) future.

Chaired by: Justin Dunning, Chelsea Technologies Group

Programme: draft agenda

Location: University of Southampton, Building 176L, Bolderwood Campus, Burgess Road, Southampton SO16 7QF.

Prices: £89.00 inc VAT for SWIG members.  £161 inc VAT for non-members. £20 for students. Literature may be distributed for a fee of £67 and a limited number of table top displays are available at £128 each.

Booking: Please use the online booking form (which includes an option for online payment), or contact rosa.richards@swig.org.uk.

For any queries please contact rosa.richards@swig.org.uk or call: 01934 830658

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