SWIG - Monitoring Pharmaceuticals in Water

Date: 30th September 2020

Location: Online

The Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise are supporting a half day webinar on monitoring pharmaceuticals in water.  Free to sensors in water (SWIG) members, £60 to others.

30 September, 1pm to 4.30pm.

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There are a number of current and future challenges faced by the water companies that can be overcome through the deployment of innovative sensing technologies to ensure that we have safe and high-quality water to help keep the population healthy. Already the water companies are thinking about SMART solutions in this era of connected technologies and how to integrate SMART sensing with large data sets and artificial intelligence. The future technologies for monitoring water, keeping our water safe and of high quality being able to detect accidental contamination and raising an alarm for a rapid response, will need to be connected and innovative. Companies developing these new technologies face a number of challenges from validation, regulation and market adoption which are often complex. In an effort to accelerate the deployment of new technologies a number of sites that offer “test bed” facilities have been launched. These provide a vital resource for companies to evaluate their water monitoring and sensing technologies in a real-world environment.

This workshop will allow sensor developers to meet with water companies and the health boards to explore how innovation can be developed to overcome important challenges to ensure safe future water supplies. The afternoon session will focus on one of these challenges, that of detecting and removing pharmaceutical compounds from the public water supply which arise from increasing numbers of medicines being taken in the community and from hospital outflow. In addition to learning of the challenges and some of the solutions, there will be the opportunity to network and explore potential future collaborations in developing and testing sensing technologies.

Chair: Richard Luxton, IBST, UWE

Challenges and solutions for the water industry in keeping people healthy

13:00 Introduction by the Chairman, technologies and emerging threats such as pharmaceuticals in water. Richard Luxton, IBST, UWE

13:35 Working upstream to improve the health of the population and the water environment. Sharon Pfleger, NHS

14:00 Innovation testing – Test beds and other initiatives

o Stephen Milne, CENSIS

o Arlene Goode, HNWIS

o Ruth McNeill, Scottish Water

14:35 Regulatory perspective. Moira Malcolm, DWQR Operations, Scottish Government

15:00 Innovation funding for water sensing technology. Jonathan Abra, KTN

Monitoring pharmaceuticals in water

15:25 Monitoring the presence of pharmaceuticals in Scottish rivers. Dr Zulin Zhang, James Hutton Institute

15:50 Recopharma – new monitoring technology. Leonardo Piccinetti, E4 Business

16:15 Discussion

16:30 Close

REGISTRATION: Thanks to support from the Scottish Government, the cost of attending the webinar is free for SWIG members. Non members will be charged £60 inc VAT to attend the webinar. Registrations can be made by Tel 01934 830658 or by email to rosa.richards@swig.org.uk or using the on-line booking form www.swig.org.uk Cancellation policy: Refunds can only be made if cancellations are notified at least 5 days in advance of the Webinar.

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