SWIG - Robotic and autonomous systems

Date: 4th May 2016

Location: National Space Centre, Leicester LE4 5NS

The water and environment sectors own, operate and are responsible for extensive infrastructure, including natural features, much of which is difficult to reach, remote or in hazardous locations. This infrastructure needs regular inspection, maintenance and, eventually, repair and replacement in order to maintain levels of service, environmental performance and health and safety.

For many years robotic systems have been used, with varying levels of human intervention, to carry out repetitive or dangerous tasks. Advances in sensor systems, communications and artificial intelligence offer the prospect of robotic and autonomous systems being more widely used in the management of our infrastructure.

This workshop will set out what we mean by robotic and autonomous systems and will explore the potential benefits of using them for customers, the environment and other stakeholders. We will also try to discover how far we really are from truly autonomous devices that can sense their environment and direct their own activities, with a minimum of human involvement.

Chaired by: Leo Carswell, WRc Plc & Chris Jones, Northumbrian Water Ltd

Programme: Draft programme

Location: National Space Centre, Leicester LE4 5NS

Prices: £86.00 inc VAT for SWIG members.  £156 inc VAT for non-members. £43 for students. Literature may be distributed for a fee of £65 and a limited number of table top displays are available at £124 each.

Booking: Please use the online booking form, or contact rosa.richards@swig.org.uk to register your interest

There are a few table top displays available. To book one please contact rosa.richards@swig.org.uk or call: 01934 830658

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