The Possibilities of Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality for the Water Industry

Date: 19th July 2018

Location: University of Sheffield

With advantages ranging from cost savings, time savings, space savings, to client relationship saving - these new technologies are transforming the way the Water Industry will plan and build it's facilities in the future whilst helping to de-risk the innovation process.

Virtual Reality (originally designed for gaming) is a tool that can immerse a person inside a virtually constructed environment. 3D modelling and BIM programs, which made huge advancements in the field of project modelling, can now be adapted to VR tools, to visualise a fully virtual representation of an idea in a new dimension at a relatively low cost point (costs which have reduced 5 fold in the last few years alone). Put simply, the user sees a 3D display through a headset and can get an ‘all-round’ view by turning their head to the side, up and down. The most obvious benefit of virtual reality for construction firms is that it can save time and money by allowing construction professionals to test any number of features before works starts.  The VR headset allows all parties involved in the construction phase to identify potential conflicts or required changes at the design stage, rather than during construction, when they’re extremely costly to put right. 

TWENTY65 in association with the AMRC have a fact filled morning awaiting you. 

We'd like to show you the facilities that we have - that you can access. 

We'd like to share our experiences of projects that have embraced these new technologies, and how the projects have progressed.

We hope you can join us on the 19th July, for what promises to be an informative and thought provoking knowledge exchange.

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