Water Quality Planning & Regulation Course

Date: 10th - 12th May 2016

Location: Cranfield University

The course provides an overview of the policies and procedures governing the quality of environmental waters and waste water in the UK. It is aimed at current and future practitioners, regulators and conservationists who require a detailed understanding of EU water regulations and guidance on how to navigate the UK permitting process. It can be taken as a three day course, or individual days.

Organised into daily themes and delivered by experts in water quality strategy, regulation and planning, and academic researchers working in the fields of water treatment processes, catchment science, and soil erosion and conservation. Day One of the course focuses on the UK and EU regulation that underpins our current and future management of the water environment, waste water and pollution reduction options. Day Two outlines how these regulations have been transposed to the UK, and provides a clear step-by-step account of the permitting and compliance process. Day Three focuses on how the Water Framework Directive is driving the UK to a catchment-based approach and explores current approaches to integrating wider environmental and social-economic issues into sustainable water management.

*New for 2016* Marine water quality planning and licensing talks by the Marine Management Organisation

For more information and to book please visit: https://www.cranfield.ac.uk/Courses/training/Water-quality-planning-and-regulation--How-to-protect-the-water-environment

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