Workshop: SESAME Dissemination of Businesses’ Response to Flooding

Date: 23rd May 2016

Location: Holiday Inn Royal Victoria, Sheffield

Time: 3pm-6pm

This workshop is open to the local and wider business community who are interested in how businesses can become more resilient to a flood event.

Please join us for this interactive afternoon event to find out about businesses’ response to flooding.

The SESAME project has been investigating how businesses can become more resilient to a flood event, at this workshop we will share the findings of our research project and you will find out about what you can do to better prepare, respond and adapt to flood risk. The workshop will incorporate presentations by the different partner universities which conducted the research and we shall talk about the different aspects of the SESAME project including research on modelling business responses to flooding, emergency response and contingency planning for small businesses, we will also explore avenues for future research in relation to small business resilience. Participants will include those directly involved in the project and others who work with SMEs who want to find out more about the research.

Further information about the SESAME project can be found at

To register your attendance at this workshop please follow this link and use the the booking form to the right.

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