Dealing with the threat of future water shortages - do we need a UK water grid or is it something else?

Date: 15th October 2013

Location: Nyquist Theatre, Arup Campus, Solihull, West Midlands


The Water Industry Forum, in association with the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Environmental Sustainability KTN, would like to invite you to attend a seminar on perhaps one of the most hotly debated issues both in and outside the water industry - do we need a national water grid to mitigate the threat of future water supply shortfalls?

Last year in its "State of the Nation" report on water, the Institution of Civil Engineers said:

"A national water grid is regularly heralded as a solution to the spatial variation in water resources in the UK. The concept of designing a grid similar to the electricity grid to move water around the UK is held up as a "silver bullet"; however, the reality is not as simple."

This seminar will explore the options available to address future water scarcity in the UK, the current constraints to progress, and the ways in which these could be overcome.

Speakers will include senior representatives from:

Environment Agency


Severn Trent Water

Institution of Civil Engineers





The opening address will be from Ian Barker, Head of Water, Land and Biodiversity at the Environment Agency.  Ian’s presentation will cover:

- the root problem

- the likely impact of this on the UK

- is a grid the solution or is it something else?

Each speaker will then address the following key questions from their own perspective:

- what is the best option going forward?

- what are the constraints to progress?

- how can these be overcome?

The speakers will then take part in a panel/audience discussion focused on what’s getting in the way of progress.

Flyer for this event (including updated speaker list)

Agenda for this event

The price for this seminar (including a light lunch and refreshments) is:     

£99 + vat              for WIF Partners  

£132 + vat            for WIF Full Members 

£149 + vat            for WIF Associate Members and WIF Industry Associates

£165 + vat            for non members

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