Export Help Group - Postponed

Date: 9th September 2010

Location: Huddersfield

A survey of WIF members in March identified the need for help and support with various aspects of the export of their products and services. We have, therefore, decided to form a working group to pool knowledge and ideas and put in place collective actions, supported by WIF, which would help both those new to export and existing exporters who recognise their need to improve their knowledge, understanding and/or capability in specific areas.

Aims for the Inaugural Meeting
The aims for the inaugural meeting are as follows:

  • to explore and prioritise ways in which WIF could help and support members to improve their export knowledge, understanding and/or capability

  • to agree a plan of action

  • to agree the terms of reference, meeting frequency, steering group, logistics etc. for the group’s activities.

If you would like to attend, please register your interest by Thursday, 2nd September. Please note that this meeting has a limit of 20 attendees.  Whilst this meeting is open to all, please note that subsequent meetings will be open to WIF full members only.

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