Water Industry Supply Chain Resilience

Date: February 2018

Location: TBC

A key theme for PR19 is resilience. Much work is currently being undertaken in preparation for PR19 in a variety of topic areas, particularly around water resources and network operation.However, there has been little visible work to date around the resilience of the water industry's supply chain. The supply chain plays a key role in the delivery of water and wastewater services, and the infrastructure that underpins that delivery. We are proposing to run a seminar in November on this theme.

This seminar will address, (but is not limited to), the following questions:
What is supply chain resilience?
Where is the industry least resilient?
How will this vary over time? (PR19? PR24? Beyond?)
What are the potential consequences?
What factors affect supply chain resilience?
What role do skills play in supply chain resilience?
What could be done to improve supply chain resilience?
What work has already been undertaken on supply chain resilience?


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