Influencing & Negotiating - Young Water Professional Development Training

Date: 21st April 2020

Location: Arup's Offices, Leeds

Time: 9.30am-4.30pm (Registration & refreshments from 9am)

As a Young Water Professional looking to improve in your role, wanting to empower people or perform more effectively individually or in a team, it’s essential that you build strong relationships to be able to influence effectively and know how to negotiate a win-win scenario for all people involved.

Whether you need to influence a peer, senior leader, a team or an internal or external client or customer the first step is to look at your quality of relationships. We are sure you will agree that influencing people with minimal relationships in place can sometimes feel like pulling teeth, it’s hard work.

What will you learn?

In this workshop you will explore how influencing and negotiating with others is ineffective without trust in place. You will examine relationships between people that you will need to influence to be successful and find opportunities to improve these with some simple and effective tools and techniques. We will look at your real-life business scenarios of where you need to influence and negotiate in your everyday conversations and meetings and apply proven techniques to build your confidence in creating WIN-WIN outcomes for all parties. It will be great to know that you can gain buy-in and ownership from others – teams, peers and upwards.

You will discover how to achieve enthusiastic cooperation rather than people being compliant and going along with things or dragging their heels, so you end up chasing them for important information.

Negotiating can sometimes be daunting, so we will provide you with the basics to success so that you can apply them to any scenario which will include planning in advance, having the conversation and agreeing on the outcome.

How it will help you?

It’s challenging to get ahead and be successful without building great relationships first. You will lay the foundations of great relationship building to allow influencing and gaining buy in to be a much more confident and comfortable thing to do. When you are able to negotiate whether it be a deadline, project outcome, promotion opportunity you will be able to approach this assertively, very prepared and it becomes a more easy and enjoyable conversation.

Ideally, you will be able to create better outcomes more effectively and efficiently by getting people on board and creating win-win outcomes that are best for all and the business.


Standard Prices

WIF Partner/Member - £150.00 + VAT

WIF Associate Member - £180.00 + VAT

Non Member - £220.00 + VAT

Pre-work required: To complete the ‘Influencing styles self-assessment’ and associated pre-work. This will be emailed out in advance of the workshop by Inspirit Learning.

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