Managing Waste Water Assets to Minimise Pollution

Date: 12th October 2018

Location: Arup Office, 8-13 Fitzroy Street, London W1T 4BQ

Time: 11:00-14:30





The frequency and severity of pollution incidents from water companies’ sewerage assets has long been a source of concern to regulators, NGOs, customers and the companies themselves.  In 2017 the industry saw record fines and severe criticism from the judiciary.  In addition the total number of pollution incidents (Category 1 to 3) increased from 1742 in 2015 to 1902 in 2016.

The Environment Agency has set out its expectations by 2020 for water company performance on pollution incidents: a trend to zero in the most serious (with at least a 50% reduction compared with the ‘average’ year 2012), and a trend to minimise all pollution incidents (with a reduction of one third compared with the peak year 2012).  These are challenging targets.

This workshop will bring together senior representatives of the English water and sewerage companies, and the Environment Agency.

Aims for the Roundtable
1. To understand from individual companies how they are doing and what’s been achieved
2. To share best practice
3. To understand how the EA could assist.
4. To review output from EA/WASC Workshop on Incidents in December 2017, especially the ‘too hard to do’
5. To explore what actions could be put in place to help achieve future targets
6. To help with business planning for both PR19 and PR24
7. To help inform Ofwat.


Please note that this event is by invitation only.

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