The impact of asset standards on costs

Date: 30th January 2013

Location: Leeds City Centre

Time: 1pm for 1.30pm - 4pm (approx.)

The impact of water company standards on "standard designs" - why are some water companies paying twice as much as others?

PLEASE NOTE:  This workshop is for WIF Partners only.

Recent work undertaken by a WIF Partners sub-group has highlighted the variation in cost of “standard designs” depending on the particular asset standards adopted by individual water companies.

Analyses have been undertaken by JN Bentley, NMC Nomenca and NG Bailey, with the latter two focusing on off-site builds of both DG2 pumping stations and chemical dosing units.  These have shown that some water companies are paying up to twice that of other companies.

These analyses together with an exploration of the reasons for this wide variance will be presented at the workshop.  The workshop will then go on to explore what opportunities exist for agreeing common standards, and to agree next steps.


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