Trunk Main Asset Health Workshop

Date: 25th April 2018

Location: Central London

Time:   10:00–16:00 (registration & coffee from 09:30)

PLEASE NOTE: This event is by invitation only.

An UKWIR Workshop supported by:


The Water Industry Forum has been working with UK Water Industry Research to develop this multi-stakeholder workshop with the overall aim of producing an outline industry-wide research & innovation programme that ensures the future of our strategic water supply systems.


Strategic pipelines are crucial in the supply of clean and wholesome water to customers.  Breaks cause large scale supply interruptions, flooding of properties and national infrastructure and the potential to cause harm to the public. Failure of these critical pipelines often recurs causing further disaffection of customers and co-users of the space the pipeline occupies.

The majority of trunk mains have seen many years of service in variable ground environments and in many cases the industry cannot be sure about the true failure mode and therefore cannot, with certainty, promote remedies or outline long term plans for these assets.

The recent asset health survey from Ofwat was prompted by a view that the asset health of trunk mains is an unknown quantity with little evidence to prove otherwise.


By bringing together a cross-section of key stakeholders, this seminar & workshop aims to:

1. Answer the following questions:

a. How do we determine and measure trunk main asset health?

b. How do we maintain/ improve trunk main asset health to minimise customer disruption?

2. Produce an outline 5-year industry-wide research and innovation programme to ensure the future of our strategic supply systems.

The output of this workshop will be used to inform the planning of future research projects.



Introduction & background

David Main

Scottish Water


Format for the day

Peter Drake

Water Industry Forum


The extent of the problem

Tim Evans

Thames Water


Findings of the CH2m report on asset health in the water industry

Paul Conroy

CH2M now Jacobs


The research landscape

Tony Rachwall

UK Water Partnership
& University of Surrey


'Mapping the Underworld' - what it takes to run a sizeable research programme

Dr Lewis Makana

University of Birmingham


Panel/audience discussion - what exactly do we mean by 'Asset Health'?




Group activity - Session 1








Group activity - Session 2




Process mapping exercise




Review of the day




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