WIF Partners Workshop: Planning a Resilient Future Workforce for the Water Sector

Date: 5th December 2019

Location: Offices of Arcadis, London N1 9AB

Time: 10:30-15:30


Please contact us if you meet the participation criteria and have not received an invitation to this event.


The UK water sector faces an array of very significant challenges over the next 10 years, both external (eg. climate change, population growth) and internal (eg. digitally enabled ‘smart’ operations, achieving net zero carbon emissions). To meet these challenges, it is widely acknowledged that the workforces of the future will need to be organised differently and have different skill sets. However it appears that little collective action has been taken to date to by the sector to identify these future workforce needs in detail.

Workshop Aims

1. To start a journey that properly tests the range of challenges that a future work force will face with a view to planning what needs to happen to establish a workforce fit for the future, including:

a. identifying the challenges and opportunities both short and long term

b. understanding the impact of those challenges on future workforce needs (in terms of type and level)

c. understanding where the gaps are and in whose gift it is to fix the gaps (both inside and outside the sector)

2. To set out a draft plan to complete the journey.

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