WIF Team Challenge for Young Water Professionals - Briefing Event

Date: 20th February 2019

Location: Arcadis Offices, London

Time: 3pm-7pm

This competition aims to bring together young professionals from different organisations across the sector to form multi-stakeholder teams to work on the challenge theme: 'The Circular Economy in the Water Sector'.

Please note that this event is by invitation for our partners, members and selected organisations only, including:-

Water Companies, Regulators, Tier 1 Consultants & Contractors, NGOs and Supply Chain

Benefits of Participating

This challenge will enable the participants to work with other young professionals from different stakeholder organisations across the water sector and to:-

- gain an understanding of the perspectives and needs of other sector stakeholders
- develop their teamworking skills in a multi-stakeholder environment
- develop their personal network of contacts across the sector

Challenge Theme

The theme for this challenge will be "The Circular Economy in the Water Sector". Almost all future visions of sustainability endorse or incorporate the concept of the circular economy. As well as reducing the consumption of natural resources, it creates new economic opportunities and job opportunities. Water is a key factor in the circular economy and the water cycle itself is an important source of resource, comprising water, nutrients and feedstocks for biofuels or bioplastics.

Teams will be asked to identify and pitch an idea around this theme, which they expect will be common practice within the water sector by 2030.

We have invited expert speakers to present on this subject in order to allow the candidates to develop their ideas around the topic.

Challenge Launch & Briefing

20th February 2019

Successful applicants will be invited to take part in a briefing session, where they will be given an outline of the challenge, including presentations from industry experts and examples of the topic.

Participants will be assigned to their team, comprising four cross-sector members.

There will follow a 2-hour working session where the teams can begin to develop their ideas and their approach to the challenge over the coming weeks. There will then be an opportunity to network and relax afterwards at an informal drinks reception.

Teams will work together to develop their idea and finalise their presentation to pitch at the final judging and awards, which will take place in London on 10th April 2019. It is expected that the challenge should not occupy more than 8-12 hours of cadidates' time outside of the events.


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