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Hero Labs


Mercury House
117 Waterloo Road
United Kingdom

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Water conservation

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Maker of Sonic, a smart water meter, leak detector and automatic shutoff system for homes and businesses.

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Hero Labs believes in solving real-life problems. Our products and services enhance people’s lives with truly smart technology. 

Every day 600 to 800 million litres of freshwater is leaked into homes across the UK and is responsible for more damage than any other cause. The destructive power of leaky plumbing and appliances is second only to wind and hail in the U.S. where household leaks can waste more than 1 trillion gallons annually. 

The financial impact and inconvenience homeowners experience whilst their property dries and remedial works are carried out is generally overlooked until it is too late.

Sonic by Hero Labs is the smartest leak defender ever designed. Sonic is AI-powered, combining HD Ultrasonic flow, pressure and temperature sensors with a user-customisable automatic water shutoff valve. 

Sonic by Hero Labs. The most brilliant way to secure your property from leaks.

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