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Natural Cement Distribution Ltd


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Natural Cement Distribution Ltd produce Tanking, Concrete Repairs, Water stopping, Sprayed Concrete and bespoke products for the Water, Utilities Construction industries & Civil Engineering. No bonding or curing agents are required as well as no primers. They are proven to be environmentally friendly, with many having Reg. 31 approval. With a low carbon footprint which in today's climate is an essential part of our global growth, chemically resistant, easy to use, and time saving. All our products are especially useful in wet and cold environments. Fast setting with early strength gain is a standard feature of most products.

Details of business

The UK’s only suppliers of specialist products manufactured from a natural cement and are therefore environmentally friendly with a low carbon footprint. The cement used in the production of the products has been manufactured for nearly 200 years (1817) resulting in known technology being in all products.

All the products are converted into workable materials simply by adding the powder to the water and mixing.

The products are fast setting, obtain high early strength as well as being fast curing.

Reg. 31 approved products are:

 Natcem 35  - a concrete repair and water proofing product that sets in 35 minutes, 
 Natcem AC - a thin coat concrete repair material, also an anti-carbonation coating which sets in 40 mins.
 Natcem D – a waterproof grout resistant to chemical & chloride penetration setting in 45 mins
 Waterstop - a very fast setting environmentally friendly water stopping material.
 Shotcrete 513 - a dry spray applied material which starts to set in 4 and is totally set in 10 minutes.
The products are approved for both the clean and dirty sides of the water industry with the Reg. 31 approved products requiring only 1/2 hour curing time.

The products can be used down to a low temperature of 0ºC but with correct precautions have been used to -14ºC, can be applied in rain & snow, they set under water, are resistant to a large range of chemicals and as the products are based on a natural cement where the Ph remains above 12 any steel encapsulate does not rust. 

The materials have a level of soluble Chromium VI below the European Standard and as 
ferrous oxide is not used in the products they remain safe to use even after the use by date resulting a much longer shelf life than Portland cement based products.

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