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Senior Partnership Details

Senior Partner Benefits

1. Tackle specific challenges for your organisation

  • benefit from a bespoke annual event (or other intervention) tailored to meet your specific needs
  • use WIF’s expertise and capability to develop, plan and facilitate stakeholder engagement
  • engage with the knowledge & experience of WIF’s network of 450+ stakeholder organisations.

2.  Tackle cross sector issues through collaboration

  • direct the topics for WIF’s event and workshop programme
  • participate in round table workshops exclusive to WIF Partners, on issues selected by WIF Partners
  • work on the resulting collaborative projects with other WIF Partners/stakeholders

3.  Lead the industry

  • contribute to and be associated with WIF “thought leadership” on key water industry issues
  • present at WIF events
  • have a voice in setting WIF’s future direction and agenda. 

4.  Utilise our web based ‘one stop’ UK water sector information portal

  • route new, innovative ideas & products into your organisation via our innovation portal
  • access the most comprehensive water related academic research database in the UK
  • research water industry events using our event listings database.

5.  Save money!

  • get free access to WIF seminars for one member of your organisation (typically worth £1000 pa)
  • obtain 40% discount at WIF seminars for other employees (worth £1400 for 16 places pa).

Senior Partner Eligibility

Senior Partnership is for UK asset owning organisations which provides public water services and is by invitation only

Senior Partner Annual Fee

The annual fee for Industry Partners is £10,000 + vat.

Further Details

For further details please contact Peter Drake