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Action Required Now to Combat the Risk of a UK Drought

An effective response to the significant and growing risk of drought in England and Wales is possible if concerted action is taken now, according to new research published on 13th September by Water UK.

Earlier this year, the government challenged the water industry to understand more fully the future challenges and solutions in terms of our resilience to the risk of drought. The industry has responded with what is believed to be the fullest study of national water resource availability and pressures ever undertaken in this country. This work, by independent consultants and peer reviewed by a panel of leading experts, has found that the problem is even more pronounced than had been thought. If we carry on with ‘business as usual’, droughts are likely to become both more frequent and more geographically widespread than previously understood.

More details of the research, together with the final report “Water resources long-term planning framework (2015-2065)”, can be found here.