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Big fall in public support for water sector nationalisation

There has been a substantial fall in public support for water nationalisation, according to a new survey by leading polling experts in corporate reputation and public policy ComRes.

According to the survey, which was commissioned by Water UK, the body which represents all the UK water companies, only two in five (42%) British adults say they support the nationalisation of water and sewerage services in England, with 37% saying they oppose it.

Trust in water companies remains very high

In addition to opinions on water nationalisation, the survey concludes that trust in water companies remains very high. The poll reveals that nine in ten (90%) British adults trust their water company to provide a reliable service, with the same figure trusting companies to ensure good water quality.

Almost as many (88%) say they trust their water company to take away wastewater and sewage and deal with it responsibly, and 81% said they trusted their water company to fix water pipe leaks in public areas.

Water UK - "experience shows that nationalised water services are not at the top of the pile for government spending"

Commenting on the ComRes poll, Water UK Chief Executive Michael Roberts said:

“The high levels of trust in water companies revealed by this research chimes with the high levels of customer satisfaction that we’ve consistently seen over the years. The water industry is delivering for customers, for the environment, and for the communities they serve – cutting leakage, increasing investment, and improving thousands of miles of rivers."

CBI - renationalisation would be "eye-wateringly expensive"

Carolyn Fairbairn, CBI Director-General, added:

“It’s good to see trust in water companies running high, with customers believing they deliver reliability, quality and value for money. And it’s clear that, when given the choice, people trust business to provide a better service than local councils and trades unions.The idea of renationalisation is no free lunch. It is eye-wateringly expensive, and our priority must be stepping up investment in the UK’s infrastructure itself.”

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