Covid-19 Impact on Water Consumption and Values

Three separate pieces of research by Cranfield University, Northumbrian Water and WaterAid point to significant changes concerning water use in the UK as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


  • Cranfield University used machine learning algorithms to analyse and identify patterns in hourly water consumption data from 11,528 households in the East of England from January to May 2020. It found usage had shifted from predominantly higher usage early in the morning to multiple peaks and continued demand throughout the day.


  • Northumbrian Water reported that people in the North East have been using up to 29 litres more water per person a day since lockdown began.


  • WaterAid research has found a third of Britons say the focus on hygiene during the pandemic has increased the value they place on water, with three-quarters now saying they appreciate having clean water at home.


More detail on each of the above can be found here.