Droughts and flooding a national priority

Reducing the risks of droughts and flooding is one of seven national priorities published on 13th October by the National Infrastructure Commission in its vision and priorities for UK infrastructure over the next 30 years. The report calls for effective water management in the face of increasing pressure on water systems due to the effects of climate change, increasing population and the need to protect the environment.

Speaking at the launch of the NIC’s Interim Report “Congestion, Capacity, Carbon: Priorities for National infrastructure”, Chair of the NIC, Lord Adonis said that the government must tackle the ‘three Cs’:-

- Congestion – as well as making progress on Heathrow, investing in projects including HS3 and Crossrail 2 but also in new and improved public transport and cycling services within our cities;

- Capacity – as well as ensuring everyone has access to the latest digital communications technology, building new infrastructure to support new homes and having sufficient water supply and flood protection to manage extremes of weather; and

- Carbon – as well as getting ready for electric vehicles, facing up to the challenge of removing carbon emissions from heating and waste, and taking advantage of the falling costs of renewables in electricity generation

The full report can be accessed here.