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Government sets out 25 year plan for the water environment

The government has set out its plans for all aspects of the environment including its ambition to see ‘clean and plentiful water’ by improving at least three quarters of waters to be close to their natural state as soon as is practicable. It intends to do this by:

  • reducing the damaging abstraction of water from rivers and groundwater, ensuring that by 2021 the proportion of water bodies with enough water to support environmental standards increases from 82% to 90% for surface water bodies and from 72% to 77% for groundwater bodies
  • reaching or exceeding objectives for rivers, lakes, coastal and ground waters that are specially protected, whether for biodiversity or drinking water as per our River Basin Management Plans
  • supporting OFWAT’s ambitions on leakage, minimising the amount of water lost through leakage year on year, with water companies expected to reduce leakage by at least an average of 15% by 2025
  • minimising by 2030 the harmful bacteria in our designated bathing waters and continuing to improve the cleanliness of our waters; we will make sure that potential bathers are warned of any short-term pollution risks


These, along with Government’s plans for other aspect of the environment, are all contained within the policy paper ‘Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment’.  A summary of this paper can be found here.

The full paper can be found here.