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Green Alliance calls for Smarter Flood Risk Management in England

The Green Alliance has published a policy insight report calling for more investment in resilient catchments for better flood risk management.

The report proposes that the current approach to flood risk is contradictory, being skewed towards short-term reactive responses that ignore the central role of land management in building resilience to flooding. It also highlights the fact that almost four times the amount of money is spent on land management that ignores or increases flood risk than on land management that helps to prevent flooding. Twice as much is spent on dealing with the after effects of a flood than is spent on hard flood defences. The cost to the economy of the 2015 floods in the north of England has been estimated at more than £5 billion.

The report summarises three recommendations for measures aimed at preventing floods, leading to a greater level of resilience for the same or lower cost than current approaches with more investment in upstream preventative activities:-

1 Use the replacement of the Common Agricultural Policy to reward land management that helps to prevent flooding.
2 Establish a dedicated fund for natural flood management.
3 Set up regional Catchment Management Boards.

The three measures proposed have the potential to raise standards for agricultural subsidy, moving it from adverse or neutral practices to ones that help prevent flooding, achieve higher environmental benefit from farming, and reduce the escalating cost of flood defences and post-flood repairs through accelerating development of the evidence base and by improving catchment level governance.
Details of the report can be found by clicking the link here.