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Help offered getting new products into intended market

FREE Business Planning Support for Innovative SMEs in the Water Supply Chain

INNOWATER is a programme of EU-funded support aimed at SMEs in the early stages of commercialising a new technology, product or service which is intended for the water sector supply chain market.  The support is aimed at companies that are experiencing difficulty getting their new product or service to their intended market.  The prpgramme offers up to 10 days’ support to work with SMEs to develop a clear business plan for commercialising their product or service.  A clear and prioritised Action Plan will be a key outcome of the support provided.  Participating companies must be prepared to put in their own resources to match the time provided by the consultant (i.e. 5-10 days over a 2 month period).  They must also be prepared to provide feedback on the business support provided and take part in case studies / testimonials to document the support package and its outcomes.

Innowater Business Support 1 page July 2012.pdf

For further information - Envirolink website