Key factors for a successful DPC project

Factors critical to the success of ‘Direct Procurement for Customers’ (DPC) projects have been published by the Water Industry Forum following a multi-stakeholder roundtable held by the Forum in September 2021.

With the support of Turner & Townsend, the roundtable brought together leaders from across the industry representing the regulator, water companies, private financiers, contractors and advisors to reflect on:

●     The evolution of the DPC model and any emerging trends
●     The market acceptance of the model
●     The availability of Ofwat guidance and standardisation of documentation in general
●     The way DPC is addressing wider strategic policy objectives such as net zero, social value, etc

A resulting paper summarises the lessons learnt over the last two years, and then goes on to identify and prioritise factors for success under the headings:

●     CAP Agreement
●     Commercial decision making
●     Economic regulation
●     Market appetite
●     DPC process and driving efficiencies

Copies of the paper can be downloaded by clicking on the link here