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National infrastructure consultation includes water, sewerage and flood defences

The National Infrastructure Commission has launched a consultation as part of its responsibility under Government terms of reference to produce a National Infrastructure Assessment (NIA).

The Commission’s remit covers economic infrastructure. In line with this, the NIA will look across transport, energy, water and sewerage, flood defences, digital and communications and waste.

Introducing the consultation, Lord Adonis, interim Chair of the National Infrastructure Commission said:

“Every aspect of the UK’s economic infrastructure will need to be studied, assessed, and understood. But just as importantly, the National Infrastructure Commission will need a firm grasp on the interrelationships between and across sectors as well as within them.”  “The Commission will seek to draw together expertise across every relevant sector, alongside unique and independent analysis to develop an assessment of the nation’s infrastructure of the highest possible standard.”

The National Infrastructure Assessment will be published in 2018, containing recommendations for how the identified infrastructure needs and priorities should be addressed. Government will be required to formally respond to the recommendations made.

Responses to the consultation should be sent to NIAEvidence@nic.gsi.gov.uk – deadline for submissions is 5th August 2016.

Click here to access the consultation document