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Advances in leakage met with interest at the Sheffield Event

"It was an enjoyable event with an interesting and diverse spectrum of attendees from major water companies, to consultants, to specialist SMEs.  I have been following up on a number of potentially very useful future collaborations as a result of the event," said Professor Joby Boxall, Chair of Water Infrastructure Engineering, Pennine Water Group. 

The Innovation for Urban Water Systems event was held on the 19th May, hosted by the Water Industry Forum in conjunction with the Pennine Water Group.  The event showcased the results of research undertaken by the Pennine Water Group in collaboration with Yorkshire Water.  Introduced by Peter Coddington, Implementation Manager - Innovation Delivery for Yorkshire Water the event included latest advances in leak detection, sewer condition/flow measurement and energy efficient aeration.

Will Zimmerman, Chair of Biochemical Dynamic Systems, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Sheffield said "Excellent networking opportunity.  I felt `mugged' during the coffee breaks from professionals wishing to know more about the R&D programme and related matters.  It led to two follow up opportunities for collaboration directly.  The attendees asked probing questions about the strategic directions for the innovations with valuable insight.  The mix of the participants made for a lively interaction".

Overall the feedback was very positive with:-

- 90% of the attendees rating the event as being good or excellent.

- 90% of the attendees rating the topics and presentations being good or excellent.

Presentations from the event can now be viewed on our website http://www.waterindustryforum.com/member-services/events/wif-events/innovation-for-urban-water-systems/