New EA consultations on river basin & flood risk

The Environment Agency (EA) have invited responses to two new consultation documents:

● Draft river basin management plans (RBMPs)

● Draft flood risk management plans (FRMPs) for 2021-2027

The draft RBMPs are the strategic plans for protecting and improving the water environment. The draft FRMPs are strategic plans that have measures (actions) to address surface water and river and sea flooding.   

The EA have co-ordinated the preparation of the draft RBMPs and FRMPs to enable integrated outcomes and multiple benefits for both managing flood risk and the water environment.  Responses to these consultations will help find different and more ambitious ways of protecting people, the natural world and our precious water assets.

Interested parties are invited to submit their views via the links below.

For RBMPs, follow the link to the consultation here before 22 April 2022.

For FRMPs, follow the link to the consultation here before 21 January 2022.