New WIF ‘Catchment System Operator’ Publication

A new report published by the Water industry Forum sets out the questions the water industry would ask of Catchment System Operator model developers to assist them in formulating proposals.

Led by the Water Industry Forum (WIF), eight water companies and Mott MacDonald worked together to help progress the development of the ‘system operator’ concept as set out in Defra’s 25-year Environmental Plan.  The culmination of this work is the publication of the report ‘Catchment System Operator – A Checklist for Model Developers and Policy Makers’.

Defra’s 25 Year Environment Plan introduces the concept of a catchment system operator (CaSO) which will be ‘responsible for the strategic management of natural capital’. It is intended that CaSOs will more effectively deliver the aims of the plan by coordinating the activities of multiple organisations across a discrete geographic area.

Being significant investors in natural capital, WIF’s water company partners wanted to collectively help influence the development of the CaSO concept.  The checklist highlights matters of interest to those water companies which would be affected by any proposals for a CaSO, and sets out the sorts of questions the water industry would ask of model developers and policymakers in an effort to assist them in developing and presenting such proposals.

Anglian Water’s Director of Water Recycling, Paul Gibbs, commented 'One of Anglian Water's long-term objectives is to work with others to significantly improve the ecological quality of our catchments. Done well, a Catchment System Operator could deliver benefits to the environment and for our customers more effectively than how catchments are currently regulated. But there are also risks, so we're delighted to work with other water companies, Mott Macdonald and the Water Industry Forum to produce this checklist and contribute to the debate.'

The report can be downloaded here